Regional Initiatives

"Regional initiatives" means the participation of the course in the development of geosciences in the state of Bahia and in the northeast. As can be seen in the item  "Brief History " Previously exposed, the graduate in geology, since its inception, always had and continues having interaction, with state and private organs and companies that deal, for example, with mining, mainly through covenants and projects that allowed the formation of masters and doctoral students, specialization courses, scientific meetings, seminars etc. Among the state's CBPM-Companhia Baiana of Mineral Research, CPRM-Company of research and Mineral resources, PETROBRAS-Petróleo Brasileiro S/A and CVRD-Companhia Vale do Rio Doce. 
The sensitivity of the course in monitoring the development of geology in region can still be recorded, not only with the implantation in 1992 of the doctoral level, the first in geology of the northeast, but also, in the face of the demand for regional actions in the areas Environmental and hydrological, with the implementation in 2004 of the Environmental geology, hydrogeology and water resources concentration area, also providing, for the first time in the northeast, the titration of doctors in environmental geology.