Regional Initiatives

Our regional initiatives aims directly in developing the Geosciences in the state of Bahia and the Northeast region of Brazil. The Program has always interacted with private and public agencies and companies in the larger disciplinary area of the Geosciences,with a major focus on the mineral, hydrocarbon, water resources and environmental sectors.

Through agreements and projects, we also assist the mineral sector with the characterization and discovery of mineral deposits through high-level Master’s and Ph.D. students training.

These students later will transfer the knowledge acquired to the public and private sectors as teachers and technicians.

The Doctoral Program in Geology was created in 1992 and at that time was the first in the Northeast region of Brazil.  The societal and private demands led our program to implement one new area of concentration in 2004: Environmental Geology, Hydrogeology, and Water Resources.

Since 2012, the Program houses the National Institute of Science and Technology (INCT) in Marine Tropical Environments – the INCT AmbTropic, whose main goal is to assess how the spatio-temporal heterogeneity of tropical marine environments can determine their response patterns and resilience to climate changes that will affect the North and Northeast regions of Brazil in this century. This research is of great strategic importance for our region.

INCT AmbTropic is a joint initiative between the Federal Universities of Bahia and Pernambuco, comprising approximately 200 national and international scientists allocated in more than 20 teaching and research institutions sharing the same vision. The resources for its implementation come from CNPq, FAPESB, and CAPES. On account of its excellent performance, the project got renewed for six years more in 2016, including new funds for the research continuity. INCT AmbTropic coordinator is Professor José Maria Landim Dominguez, from UFBA.