Concentration Areas

Marine, Coastal and Sedimentary Geology

Research lines:
  • Dynamics and evolution of the coastal zone
  • Micropaleontology and Coral reefs
  • Analysis and tectonics of basins in the exploration of hydrocarbons

Environmental Geology, Hydrogeology and Water Resources

Research lines:
  • Environmental and Medical Geology
  • Hydrogeology of granular aquifers, karstic and fissuals
  • Quality and management of surface and underground water resources

Petrology, Metallogenesis and Mineral Exploration 

Research lines:
  • Petrogenesis, Geocronology, Geotectonic Evolution and metallogenesis of Archean and Proterozoic shields
  • Processes, metallogenetic models and mineral exploration
  • Evolution, stratigraphy and metallogenesis of sedimentary sequences